Mukhin: threats to the economy of Russia, the country there are plans “B”

MOSCOW, 17 Dec –. Threats for the Russian economy, no, the country has a significant number of plans “b”, which the President mentioned, said the CEO of the Center for political information Alexei Mukhin on Thursday.

The President of the Russian Federation on Thursday held a traditional annual big press conference, which was for him as for the head of state eleventh.

Speaking about the prospects of the way out of the crisis, Putin mentioned “a heavy dependence of our economy on external economic factors”, he said that the forecast of the prices for traditional Russian exports — oil, gas and their derivatives largely came from the fact that the average price of Brent crude oil will stay at around 100 USD per barrel, as it was in the beginning of 2014, that figure thought all the rest — and macroeconomics, and income and expenses, and support the social sector, support the economy and, accordingly, The Ministry of economic development was constructed depending on these parameters the development plans.

“Threats of the day of our economy, of course not… first, there is a significant number of plans “b”, which the President mentioned during his press conference,” said Mukhin.

According to the analyst, in the current situation, as the President said, to use “politically”. “We have a lot of reserves, the President is witnessed, and secondly, it is possible to conduct processes of privatization, state companies, there are opportunities and plans a significant amount, and here nervous, of course, do not is quite a market measure, and they don’t have some sort of dramatic character,” said Mukhin.

The opinion of the President that the Central Bank should not push for increased support to the real sector, as the fight against inflation will be called into question, the political scientist said that this issue should be resolved “without any barrels”.

“If tomorrow the barrel will cost$ 200 per barrel, that is, in any case, you still need to solve this problem by increasing the efficiency of the real economy”, — said Mukhin.