NPF next year will receive 270 billion rubles from the Pension Fund

Moscow. December 17. Non-state pension funds (NPF) in 2016, according to calculations of the Ministry of Finance will receive 270 billion rubles from the Pension Fund of Russia, said Deputy Finance Minister Alexei Moiseyev during the XI international repo-forum on Thursday.

“Next year, pension funds will receive according to our calculations, about 270 billion roubles, connected with various balances of pension funds that are not committed at the time of the transition this year to the system of guarantees and at the time of the transfer of funds from the FIU or Guk (the state management company VEB). Also quite successfully continued this year transitional campaign – a significant amount of money is withdrawn from Hooke and transferred to private pension funds”, – said Moiseev.

He noted that the bond market transition “operation zero-sum”, although GUK is almost entirely invested in bonds (there are about 200 billion in deposits, the rest invested in bonds). NPF’s are some great opportunities.

“It is clear that HUK will not sell bonds in the portfolio, for the transfer of the money he had prepared a cache that is on Deposit. Maybe some marginal increase, but unlikely to be significant”, – said Moiseev.

He recalled that this year in PPF received 528 billion. It is expected that next year will go 270-271 billion. The exact figures of admission FIU will announce in March or April.

At the end of this year expires the right of citizens to move from PFR in NPF. Moses hoped that this right will be extended, and the state Duma will have time to make appropriate amendments to the legislation.