Putin about the incident with su-24: some of the Turkish leadership decided to “lick the Americans”

Putin about the incident with su-24: some of the Turkish leadership decided to “lick the Americans”

MOSCOW, December 17. People of Turkey and other Turkic-speaking peoples to remain partners, but with the current leadership of Turkey to agree is almost impossible. This was stated by the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin at a big press conference.

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“The people of Turkey and other Turkic-speaking peoples as were our partners and friends remain. And of course, we will need to continue contact with them”, – said the head of the Russian state.

“With the current Turkish leadership, as shown, it is difficult for us to agree or almost impossible,” stated the President. “Even … when we say “Yes, we agree,” they to the side or in the back cause us a shot, and absolutely incomprehensible reasons,” Putin explained.

The head of state said that he sees no prospects to improve relations with the Turkish leadership on the international level. But on the humanitarian level, in his words, Russia will be forced to take certain restrictive measures in the economy.

“Creeping Islamization – it annoys us too. We see, fix that in Turkey are fighters, VHDCI, for example, from the North Caucasus. We have said many times to our partners: we don’t do that against Turkey. No, they’re still sitting there, being treated, and protect them. Then they use visa-free entry, enter on Turkish passports and dissolve,” he said.

Putin noted that this was the main reason for the cancellation of visa-free regime between Russia and Turkey. “We just had to do it, like the other steps, ensuring our national security,” said the President of the Russian Federation.

“Someone decided to lick the Americans”

Putin suggested that the incident with the Russian aircraft over the territory of Syria could be the result of someone from the Turkish leadership decided to “lick the Americans in one place”.

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“You asked, maybe there’s a third party kind. Understand your hint. We don’t know, but if someone in the Turkish government decided to lick the Americans in one place, I don’t know whether they did or no, – said the head of the Russian state. – First of all, I don’t know whether it’s American or not – perhaps there were agreements on some level that “we are about to avernum Russian plane, and you close your eyes”, “we go in, say, Iraq, and occupies part of Iraq.” “I don’t know, maybe this exchange was, this unknown to us”, – concluded Putin.

The actions of Ankara against Russian aircraft he called hostile. “We believe that Turkish authorities’ actions against our aircraft which they shot down, is not unfriendly and hostile act, – Putin said. Downed military plane, people died”.

“We are especially outraged: if it was an accident, Turkish authorities, seemingly, did not even know that this was a Russian aircraft, then what they do in these cases? People died! Immediately pick up the phone and explain, – said Putin. – Instead, (Turkey) immediately ran in Brussels: “help, hurt our feelings”. “We touched there? No. They began to hide behind NATO. And NATO need it? It became clear that also not”, – concluded the President of the Russian Federation.

“Besides the fact that the tragedy occurred, the loss of life that we are particularly hurt, because we did not refuse from cooperation, – said the head of the Russian state. – The last time I was in Anatalia and we talked to all the leadership of Turkey, and Turkish colleagues have supplied us with very sensitive issues, asked for support. Believe me, we were raised very sensitive issues that do not fit in the context of international law by the decisions that the Turkish party offers”. “We said, “Yes, we understand and are ready to help you”. If we showed that we are ready to cooperate on a very sensitive issue for Turkey questions, is it difficult to remove the tube or by pre-existing channels of cooperation between the military to say: on the border of the plot we haven’t spoken, but here too there are our interests. Keep in mind, we ask what, then, is not to strike. But nobody haven’t said anything”, – Putin outlined the situation.

“I don’t understand why? They thought that we run away from there? Russia is not the country. We its presence (in Syria on the border with Turkey – approx.), the number of military operations increased. There was no Russian air defense systems, now s-400 there is,” he concluded.

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The crisis in relations between Moscow and Ankara has arisen in connection with the incident on November 24 in the skies over Syria near the border with Turkey, where the Russian bomber su-24M was shot down by a fighter jet of Turkish air force. The Russian President warned that the attack on the bomber would have “serious consequences” for Russian-Turkish relations.

November 28, Putin signed a decree “On measures for safeguarding national security of the Russian Federation and the protection of citizens from criminal and other unlawful acts and on application of special economic measures against the Turkish Republic.” In accordance with the decree, a ban or restriction on the import into Russia of certain types of Turkish goods. A ban were vegetables and fruits, forming the basis of Turkish exports.

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