Putin believes that the exchange of hostages in the Donbass should go by a principle “all for all”

Putin believes that the exchange of hostages in the Donbass should go by a principle “all for all”

MOSCOW, December 17. The President of Russia Vladimir Putin believes that the exchange of hostages in the Donbas must be held according to the principle “all for all”, Russia supports the position of the authorities of the DPR and LPR in this matter.

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The Russian President acknowledged that in the Donbass really are “people out there who are addressing the issues in a particular field”. “But this does not mean that there are Russian troops. Feel the difference,” said the President of Russia.

Referring to the Ukrainian journalist, Putin said: “You called two or three people who want to change, and then a long list who want to change”.

“First, the exchange must be equal. We have together with our colleagues here to discuss, to talk and continue what we have always insisted and proposes the President of Ukraine – we need to release people who are held with one hand and with the other hand. And, first of all, it concerns people from Donbass, South-East of Ukraine and Ukrainian servicemen detained in these areas. But the exchange should be equal”, – said the head of state.

“It’s no secret that the Ukrainian authorities believe those arrested in the Donbass, people who are redeemable, and those who are held in prisons in Ukraine, in Kiev, is considered criminal offenders and output beyond the scope of this exchange. That people in Donbass do not agree. You need to come honestly and say, “Let’s change all for all, as Petro Poroshenko had proposed, and not selectively,” – said the Russian President. According to him, “that’s the approach we support.” “We have many differences with Ukrainian authorities, but here we have a common position,” – said Putin.

About the conflict in Ukraine

Russia is not interested in exacerbating the conflict in the Ukraine, but his decision not to go through the elimination of people in the South-East of the country, said the President of the Russian Federation.

“I sincerely say: we are not interested in exacerbating the conflict, stressed the head of state. On the contrary, we are interested in this conflict as quickly as possible was allowed, but not the way physical liquidation of people in the South-East of Ukraine”.

Putin urged to look at the results of the municipal elections in this region of the country. “There, I think, nine or ten regions, the opposition bloc took first or second place, he stated. – And in those territories of Donbas and Lugansk region, controlled by Ukrainian authorities, 43% voted for the opposition bloc”. “What, the Kiev authorities don’t see it? Don’t want to take into account the mood and expectations of its own people?” asked the President of the Russian Federation. He stressed that it hopes that Moscow and Kyiv will be “open, honest dialogue.”

“It’s manipulation”

Putin calls the manipulation actions of Kiev regarding the implementation of the Minsk agreements.

“This is a manipulation, he said at a press conference, describing the actions of official Kiev. – If we really want to really solve the problem, let’s stop this, let’s continue to work in this”. Putin stressed that Russia is ready to persuade people in Southeast of Ukraine, to bring them a case to find a compromise.

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