Putin offers to find out whether the action of the Seagull conflict of interest

MOSCOW, December 17. The President of Russia Vladimir Putin offers to find out whether the actions of the Prosecutor General of Russia Yuri Chaika conflict of interest before making any conclusions.

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“You have to understand that they, the children of the attorney General, has violated the law or not, if the attorney General – some elements related to conflict of interest, he supported and helped their children?” – the President said at a press conference, answering questions involving the investigation of the FBC about the family of Seagulls.

He added that there is control management of the President. “Didn’t want to talk about it, but that doesn’t mean that we don’t do that. We will certainly look into and we need to look carefully and clear all the possible components of the information appearing in the Internet,” Putin said.

The authorities must respond to articles about the abuses of officials or members of their families

Putin said that the authorities must respond to reports of abuses by officials or members of their families.

“It’s good that you pay attention to it, it’s really good,” agreed Putin. “This gives us an excuse… we have an obligation to respond,” confirmed the President.

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Chaika: the customers of the film Fund of struggle against corruption are Browder and U.S. intelligence services

Meanwhile, Putin recalled the old joke which tells the story about the employee who was promoted, “because he had some case with a fur coat” but actually just a few years ago his wife was in the theater, stole a fur coat. “Here we do not have to (such revelatory publications) to be treated so,” he said.

Among these publications Putin mentioned the article about the alleged involvement to the fraud or corruption schemes of the Governor of the Pskov region Turchak, the children of the Prosecutor General, Chaika or businessman Rotenberg. “Rotenberg young, as far as I know, does not work in the authorities; although I don’t know, maybe they already have,” said he.

Putin did not agree that such items reflect the results of his leadership in the country. “About the results, if we want to be objective, we must recognize that results not only in this,” he said. “Income growth, GDP growth by almost 2 times, strengthen the country’s defense, the fight against terrorism, which we continue to fight, but the ridge we broke him, – here in what results,” the President said. “But things of this nature (as a manifestation of conflict of interest), they are possible almost everywhere,” he said.