Putin proposes to exempt from taxes entrepreneurs who start their business

Putin proposes to exempt from taxes entrepreneurs who start their business

MOSCOW, December 17. The President of Russia Vladimir Putin has suggested to release from taxes of businessmen who start their own business.

“You can use those regulatory tools, including financial, tax, to support those who want to start their own business. Well, for example, you can make a decision, the Federal law that gives this right to the regions – on two years to release from taxes those who are starting their business,” said the President, answering questions at a press conference. He noted that “we are talking about individual entrepreneurs, but it is a matter of a person, as he will legally formalize what he begins to do.”

“I assure you, this is such a significant assistance would be,” – said the President.

He reminded that there are other forms of support for entrepreneurs: “for Example, a single agricultural tax can be suitably transformed in order to ease the financial burden fiscal. You can help in the creation of infrastructure for the sale of products, keeping in mind relevant associations, that the farmer could sell this produce”.

Putin considers “extremely important” the development of the farm. “Of course, I know about the discussions between representatives of various directions of development of agrarian and industrial complex. Some say: we must develop farm production – it is farm production, not farmers, can provide the country with products of high quality and in the right volume,” he said, noting that “after all, without a doubt, we need to support farming methods and forms of agriculture”.

“Farmers make a significant contribution to food security, stressed the President. – Here, I’ve talked about this many times, all the plans related to the support of agro-industrial complex, they will certainly be fulfilled, including financial support”.

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