Putin questioned the need for complete cessation of gas transit through Ukraine

Moscow. December 17. President Vladimir Putin questioned the need for the termination of Russian gas transit through Ukraine.

“Regarding the transit through Ukraine. Yes, at the corporate level, I have heard, in the course of intense debate someone said that we will stop the transit. I don’t think that we have to do,” the President said at the annual press conference in Moscow on Thursday.

When speaking about the comparison of local transit and “Nord stream-2”, Putin said: “still need to “Nord stream” in General, and the second branch in the future to meet certain requirements of reliability, market, the functioning of the gas transport system, legal and administrative regulations to the highest standards”.

“Our Ukrainian partners are able to do the same thing that we do with our European partners on “Northern stream”? Able – we will continue to work with them, you can not – then see what to do with it,” he said.

Putin also touched upon the issue of the construction of the gas pipeline “Turkish stream. According to him, the Russian side is interested to obtain from the European Commission guarantees for the construction in Europe of gas pipelines, which will continue to “Turkish stream”.

“Not from us, it ultimately depends. It’s not like we broke off the negotiations. We need the European Commission to us a written assurance was provided that all routes, including a possible route through Turkey to Europe, not only implement, but also are a priority and that the European Commission will be to support them. If Turkish partners Gazprom will bring this paper from Brussels, we’ll move on. But until something of this, unfortunately, is not visible,” he said.

“Interfax” is a text broadcast of the press conference of Vladimir Putin.