Putin surprised by the position of the Bulgarian leadership on the “South stream”

Putin surprised by the position of the Bulgarian leadership on the “South stream”

MOSCOW, December 17. The Russian President Vladimir Putin surprised toothless Bulgarian leadership on the “South stream”, contrary to the interests of the country. He stated this during a press conference.

“I’m shocked edentulous position of the Bulgarian leadership that don has neglected national interests,” the President said.
He said that investments of the Russian Federation in the construction of this project (jobs, wages, incomes at all levels of the budget) were expected to reach 3 billion (Euro approx. ed.), and then another every year 400 million euros, Bulgaria would receive for the transit. “You know our position, we were ready to implement, we just did not give”, – said the President.

“First, the European Parliament adopted a decision that the project does not meet the interests of the European Union. Later the EC demanded that Bulgaria, that she stopped the preparatory matters, and then suddenly the Dutch regulator has decided to grant us permission the start of construction at sea. Well we could begin construction in the sea, there to sink billions of euros, and then to approach the Bulgarian shore and come to rest in him,” added Putin.

As previously reported, the Russian President Vladimir Putin on 1 December 2014, said that in current conditions Russia would not implement the project “South stream”. In turn, head “Gazprom” Alexey Miller noted that the project “South stream” is no longer relevant.

In December 2014, the Italian Saipem, part of Eni group – Italian partner of Gazprom, has received notification of the suspension of the “South stream”.
The project “South stream” worth 15.5 billion euros was designed for delivery in Europe 67 billion cubic meters of gas per year.

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