Putin: the decision to discontinue flights to Egypt is not linked to the distrust of the leadership of the country

MOSCOW, December 17. The decision to discontinue flights to Egypt is not linked to the distrust of the Egyptian leadership, this is a security issue. This was stated by the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin at a big press conference.

“The decisions that have been taken to limit the flights of our civil aviation in Egypt, they are not associated with distrust of the Egyptian leadership, it is a political decision, they relate to the safety of our citizens,” Putin said.

“As soon as we work out the mechanisms which would reliably ensure the safety of our people, we will remove the restrictions”, – said the President. He said that “such work in principle with the Egyptian counterparts”. “What could it be? This means that we today at every stage of control must have their representatives from the time of boarding the plane to the moment of departure, shipment, food. I repeat, we do not believe that something here is the official wine of the Egyptian authorities. This is a common challenge, the concern, and we must find a common response to these challenges,” he said.

Putin believes that the Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi shows personal courage in the fight against terrorism.

“The service and the supervising organizations, law enforcement agencies and special bodies, unfortunately, are not now able to cope with the threat of terrorism, which threatens, – said the Russian leader. – This activity is threatening us and you – Egypt is in danger.”

Putin noted that “the President of Egypt, Mr. al-Sisi shows personal courage, amazing courage in the fight against this threat, but it takes time to deal with this problem.”

The suspension of air links with Egypt in connection with the attack

The Russian President Vladimir Putin on 6 November agreed with the recommendations of the National anti-terrorism Committee to suspend air traffic with Egypt. All Russian commercial airlines and operators of General aviation has suspended the performance of all regular transit and Charter flights to Egypt with passengers on Board from 20:00 on 6 November.

As explained by the press Secretary of the head of state, Dmitry Peskov, this measure is entered not until after the investigation into the crash of an Airbus A321 “Kogalymavia”, until then, until will not be provided the proper level of security.