Putin: the devices of the “Plato” should be provided free of charge

Putin: the devices of the “Plato” should be provided free of charge

MOSCOW, December 17. The devices of the “Plato” should be provided free of charge. This was stated by the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin during a big press conference.

“You know that there is a concern that you need to buy various devices, it also costs money. Here you need to carefully sort out who should pay for what. The system device “Plato” should be provided free to all”, he said.

All fees from the system “Platon” requiring heavy trucks to pay tolls on Federal highways, do not go into private pockets, and fully to the road Fund of the Russian Federation, he noted.

“You need to look into the problem, try not to use a particular difficult situation in quasipolitical purposes, and to look inside. All discharges that come from the so-called “Plato”, 100%, do not go to someone in your pocket, they are 100% going to the road Fund of the Russian Federation, to the last penny. And from there go to road construction in the regions of the Russian Federation”, – he said within a press conference. Putin drew attention that investors system “Platon” 29 billion rubles invested in the economy of the country.

The repair and development of “Plato” a $ 10 billion budget funds, which can be completely verified, also said the head of the Russian Federation.

“Where does the funds is a joint venture between Russian technologies and the firm that represent individuals?. They receive this money directly from the budget. In my opinion, there’s a reason 10 billion (rubles). What? The repair of this system. To maintain it in operational condition, on development,” he said.

Meanwhile, Putin noted that the expenditures can be checked by the public and the chamber. “If someone thinks that these quotes on content development too high, may consider and impose. And it will correctly calculate and present “, – the President added.

Patents for heavy trucks

Putin also offered the government to streamline the procedure for the acquisition of patents and charging for boljshegruzy of road transport.

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“How to do it – from (gray – approx. ed.) of the system output and at the same time not to overload various boards, requisitions and taxes? Is there an easy way to give them the opportunity to purchase the patent, budget. Here is the problem: patent issued for a year, and can be seasonal transportation. Let the government will think about it in advance and do it,” said Putin.

The output from gray schemes

The system of levying tolls on Federal highways for heavy trucks “Plato” will this work from the gray zone, says About the Russian President.

He recalled that in 2007-2008, Russia had abolished the licensing of heavy road transport in the framework of the “struggle for razvorachivaet”.

“Seems to be good, but what it led to in practice? This led to the fact that a large number of people who simply buy these trucks and use it, but it is the gray scheme of the economy, even they are not registered as individual entrepreneurs”, – said Putin.

The President noted that he understands the problems of truckers that have arisen after the introduction of “Plato”.

“I’m from a working class family, I understand that men work, work, sit behind the wheel, but we need to leave these gray schemes. But I want them (drivers – approx. ed.) to support, believe me. We need to help them. Some things need to be worked out”, – said Putin.