Sberbank announced the elimination of failures during operations with cards

Moscow. December 17. Sberbank has restored the data after a failure, reported in a press-service of the Bank.

“We confirm that today, about 5 o’clock in the morning for 40 minutes there was a service interruption authorization cards of Sberbank. Currently the service is restored in full”, – said the representative of the Bank.

As previously reported, at approximately 10:40 GMT on Thursday the employee of the call center of Sberbank informed the Agency correspondent about the restrictions on service of plastic cards. It was about the limit as when making payments, or when withdrawing cash from an ATM. The difficulties call centre explained to the technical work.

As of 11:15 Moscow time the answering machine in the call center of Sberbank still reported limitations when using mobile banking, and also about the possible failure of when you pay for goods and services on Internet sites.

The latest breakdown in service cards from Sberbank in November. Then customers could not like to spend a number of payments and to withdraw cash from ATMs.