Storchak commented on the decision of the IMF to recognize the debt of Ukraine to the Russian Federation sovereign

Moscow. December 17. Ukraine can always go to the world with Russia in the settlement of her debt, said Deputy Minister of Finance Sergey Storchak.

“In principle, the parties to the lawsuit can always be present on the world”, – he told journalists on Thursday.

He also suggested that Ukraine “tomorrow or the day after tomorrow will announce a moratorium on payments”.

According to Storchak, the decision of the Board of Directors of the IMF on the recognition of the Ukrainian debt to Russia’s sovereign allows Ukrainians to review their attitude to debt to Russia.

“For us, this situation doesn’t change, does it change the situation if they, of course, wants to Ukrainian authorities, because they had the opportunity to review the list of Eligible debt, where they stuck our Eurobonds along with the Eurobonds, which belong to the private sector,” he explained.

“As soon as this auction they will use, they will be able to move forward and work with us under the variant, which involves the restructuring of the debt, but legally different conditions from the conditions of exchange that they went with the private sector,” – said Storchak.

Earlier, the IMF acknowledged the debt of Ukraine to Russia is sovereign.