The Consul of the Russian Federation: the Swiss authorities have not confirmed media reports about the detention of Russians in Basel

GENEVA, 17 December. /Corr. Konstantin Pribytkov/. The Swiss authorities have not confirmed published by the newspaper Basler Zeitung and 20 minutes information about the alleged detention on the Swiss-French border in early December, two Russians suspected of having links with the Islamists. This was reported by the journalist. head of the consular Department of the Embassy of the Russian Federation in Switzerland Andrey Stukov.

“The authorities of Switzerland, to which we referred, of the fact of detention of the Russians could not confirm” – he said.

“We turned to the competent authorities of Switzerland. The official authorities, i.e. the Federal Department of justice and police, and Border the housing 1, the references made by the author of the article, stated that it was not aware of these events, – the diplomat said. – None of the officials did not know about and does not know and any information they do not have”.

Thus, as emphasized by Andrei Stukov, the Russian Embassy “none of the Russians for help didn’t address”. “According to international law they (Russians arrested) if they don’t, then don’t associate with us, – he explained.- And the Swiss, in case of their reluctance, we are not informed”.

Media reports

As reported by the newspaper Basler Zeitung and 20 minutes, at customs in Basel when you try to go from France to Switzerland in early December, were arrested two Russians suspected of having links with radical Islamists. “Earlier this month, five people – a German, two Iranians and two Russians from Chechnya have been detained, when they wanted to go to Switzerland via Basel border, – writes the edition Basler Zeitung. – They are suspected of having links with the Mujahideen”.

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At customs in Basel arrested two Russians suspected of having links with the Islamists

“As for the Russians, attracted attention to their invalid travel documents. After inspection it turned out that one of them has already been convicted with acts of violence in Germany”, – said the newspaper 20 minutes.

The publication also said that from October to November, the border guards were recorded from 200 to 400 transitions the Swiss border on a weekly basis. “The bulk of immigrants come from Afghanistan, Syria, Iraq, Iran and Pakistan”, – concludes the newspaper.