The court found the defamatory words of the mayor of Novosibirsk on the financing of “Demolitio” from abroad

The court found the defamatory words of the mayor of Novosibirsk on the financing of “Demolitio” from abroad

NOVOSIBIRSK, December 17. The Central district court of Novosibirsk denied words of the mayor of the city Anatoly Lokot on the financing of the “Democratic coalition” from abroad, discrediting the honor, dignity and business reputation. Among the plaintiffs in the case – the oppositionist Alexei Navalny, the correspondent from a court hall.

“The court held the claim of Alexei Navalny and electoral associations of the Regional branch of political party “Republican party of Russia – Party of people’s freedom” to leave without satisfaction”, – said judge Julia Piotrovskaya.

On 27 August, the proceedings were suspended pending the results of linguistic examination of the speech of the mayor about the threat of the “orange revolution” from the “Democratic coalition”, which was held by the Siberian regional centre of judicial examination of Ministry of justice. The results announced in today’s meeting, one of the plaintiffs, the lawyer of the party “Parnas” Vyacheslav Gimadi.

“According to the results of the examination, controversial statements by the defendant have a statement of facts and events /…/. They are not value judgments. So the burden of proof that this information is true, rests on the defendant”, he said. In the process of gemade said to journalists that the expert did not evaluate whether the data message from the mayor discrediting business reputation, citing a lack of competence.

In turn, the representative Anatoly Lokot told the court that the plaintiff had failed to establish the fact of dissemination of defamatory statements and did not submit a tape recording of the statements of the mayor. On this basis he refused to comment on the statement his client.

After the announcement of the decision of the court of gemade told journalists that the decision on the appeal will accept after reviewing the full text of the resolution. “Look at the court decision, I think that most likely appeal will be. But it is a victory. Because in fact, the mayor retracted his words,” he said.

As previously reported, June 30 Elbow in his speech at the meeting of the Public Council under the mayor declared that “the Democratic coalition”, one of whose members is “Parnassus”, financed from abroad (for registration allocated by the U.S. Congress of $20 million), is planning an “orange revolution” and pays 150 roubles for the signature of the voter. This position he, a few days later, confirmed at a meeting with journalists.

After this statement, Navalny filed a lawsuit to the court and the lawyer “Demolitio” Vyacheslav Gimadi sent to investigating bodies of Novosibirsk, a statement asking the mayor to attract to criminal liability under articles of the criminal code “Slander”, “obstructing the exercise of electoral rights of citizens” and “hindering the conduct of public events”. Investigation Department has forwarded the appeal of Gimadi in area Prosecutor’s office, which decided not to prosecute.

Navalny has previously stated to reporters that will demand in court from Anatoly Lokot recognition of wrong for his statement about the financing from abroad of the opposition party. “I don’t have a manic desire to Elbow in front of me apologized. Let’s just say that didn’t think and blurted out. It happens to everybody,” said Navalny.

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