The FAS did not rule out the possibility of new year price increases

Moscow. December 17. Growth in food prices before Christmas break are not excluded, but the FAS will be controlling sharp fluctuations, said the head of the Department Igor Artemyev.

“Naturally, the prices will be a little bit slowly, but we will monitor the situation and where they would suddenly rise sharply, there we will come over and ask, “what happened? Please explain… this is Especially true of trading networks”, – told reporters Artemyev.

As for price collusion of major networks amid food sanctions Russia against Turkey, the head of the FAS this possibility was excluded, although he admitted that”the risk is always there, because large networks have not so much”.

“But I don’t think there is a trading network, have learned from their own experience that they will somehow conspiring artificially to raise prices. Because now it is against the background of falling demand and the solvency of the population – it would be absolutely wild,” said Artemyev.

Marginal impact on price growth, in his view, and introducing a system of charging heavy vehicles “Plato”. “It is obvious and proven repeatedly in all the calculations, and we share this view that there is an effect on price growth less than one percent, that is, because of this they cannot grow. There you can discuss other questions, but the President has already reacted to them, reducing the fines,” said Artemyev.

The CBR estimates the impact of the “Plato” for inflation 0.1-0.2 percentage points.

The government appreciates the contribution of anti-Turkish sanctions to inflation of 0.5 PP.