The speaker advocated the establishment of tax-free threshold e-Commerce up to €500

The speaker advocated the establishment of tax-free threshold e-Commerce up to €500

NAIROBI, 17 December. The tax-free threshold e-Commerce should be set up to €500, told journalists the Minister of economic development of Russia Alexey Ulyukayev.

“We believe that we need to work with a threshold of €500, which we agreed, and then watch. To reduce more, I think, dangerous. I would prefer to stay in the paradigm that €500 we introduce, and that is enough, and more – to study how companies feel,” he said.

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FCS: the fee for international parcels may reach €10-15 at their cost of €22-150

Previously, the Ministry explained that on shipments valued over €500 – that 2% of all shipments account for about 30% of the sales value. It is believed that the business starts at this threshold, and Vice versa parcels worth up to €500 (this is usually, household consumption) additionally be subject to a fee will not be.

The head of the Russian post Dmitry Strashnov said that advocates for harmonization in the EEU rates of duties and taxes in the framework of Internet Commerce to prevent illegal flows of goods. The possible reduction in the threshold duty-free e-trade from the current €1 thousand to, for example, €150, will not lead to any restrictions for use by the citizens of this channel of shopping.

The Eurasian economic Commission is discussing changing the system of levying duties on online purchases. One of the options is the introduction of a fee on the parcel a customs value over €150 Euro and weighing more than 10 kg. in addition, for parcels valued below €150 euros is proposed to introduce a fee of €22-25.

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Now Russians can buy in foreign online stores goods to the amount of €1 thousand and weighing up to 31 kg per month without paying any fees. For exceeding, the fee is 30%, but not less than €4 per 1 kg of body weight. A similar limit in Kazakhstan. In Belarus it is €200, in Armenia – €380.

Currently in the government to develop measures to strengthen control over Internet Commerce. The Federal customs service proposed initially to lower the threshold of duty-free purchases online up to €200. However, at the end of 2013, Finance Minister Anton Siluanov said that the Agency proposes to reduce this figure to €150.

It is also proposed to limit the weight to 10 kg and to regulate the ability to carry out such transaction no more than once per month.