AliExpress has restored service of the Crimea

Moscow. December 18. Online retailer AliExpress (part of the Chinese Alibaba Group) resumed delivery of goods to the Crimea and does not expect similar problems in the future, said the head of the RF Ministry of communications Nikolay Nikiforov citing the founder and Chairman of the Board of Directors of Alibaba Jack MA.

“I wrote a letter to Jack MA. They promptly carried out the investigation, found that, indeed, they have some problem. Whether it was due to some logistic chains, or with American companies, or whatever. That is the problem they admitted: as he said, they were forced to move servers in China and prospectively plan to transfer them to Russia. The point is, the day before yesterday Jack MA has assured us that there are no problems anymore and Alibaba full works”, – said Nikiforov to journalists.

Earlier in mass media appeared information that AliExpress has stopped the delivery of goods to the Crimea.

Nikiforov also said that in addition to the “Crimean issue” discussed with the head of Alibaba cooperation in General. “They are interested and offer to use their service AliExpress not only to export to Russia and import in China”, – said the head of the Ministry of communications.

“Due to the fact that the welfare in China is gradually increased, the Chinese are beginning to buy, starts to go a huge stream of imports into China. They suggest using the AliExpress system as a powerful sales channel. This year they expect to exceed $700 billion in revenue. They offer more to register small and medium business in Russia are ready to supply products from Russia to China, because it’s just a huge market, which is becoming more solvent. “Mail of Russia” works well, the parcel reach quickly, so there are no problems”, – said Nikiforov.

Earlier it was reported that the volume of Internet trade between Russia and China in 2015 increased by 50%.