Bundles: changing the requirements for the metro construction has saved

Bundles: changing the requirements for the metro construction has saved

The head EMERCOM of Russia noted that managed to reformat the work of fire inspectors, to change the legal framework to remove excessive administrative barriers.

MOSCOW, 18 Dec. The head EMERCOM of Russia Vladimir Puchkov said that the change in the regulatory framework to ensure safety and the removal of unnecessary barriers allowed to save only in the construction of the Moscow metro hundreds of billions of rubles.

“We have two years completely changed the normative legal base. Removed unnecessary administrative barriers to business and encumbrances for new buildings, structures, subway. There was a lot of anachronism. In Moscow alone, hundreds of billions of rubles for metro construction has saved,” he said in an interview with Tufts “Rossiyskaya Gazeta”.

As an example of the failure of such base Beam led previous requirement to have at each station of underground deep artesian well.

“Can you imagine? First, as it is there to drill? Secondly, it should be molded. Thirdly, the sanitary supervision and disease and all and Sundry go, check it out. And such examples are many,” he explained.

According to the Minister, now reformatted the work of supervision inspectors deal only with prevention activities.

“Each inspector is responsible for the final result. Reducing the number of fires, reduction of risks of emergency situations and provide assistance and support to the person. And we step by step in this matter is progressing. So in this sense, the surveillance work, but in a new format,” said Puchkov.