Christmas set of popular songs in the U.S. rose by at least 6 years

Moscow. December 18. Gift set based on the popular English Christmas song “the Twelve days of Christmas” will cost Americans this year more than $155 thousand, according to PNC Wealth Management.

“The twelve days of Christmas” is an English folk song dedicated to the Christmas holidays, i.e. the period from Christmas (25 December) to Epiphany (6 January). The text was first written in the late eighteenth century. In the song the 12 verses, which tell about the 12 gifts: a partridge in a pear tree, two turtledoves, three French hens, four singing birds, five Golden rings, six geese, seven swans swimming, eight maids a-milking eight, nine dancing ladies, ten leaping lords, eleven pipers playing, and twelve drummers.

According to PNC, the cost of all 364 mentioned in the song is this year’s $155,407 thousand, which is 0.6% more than in 2014. This is the smallest rise in six years – since 2009, when the indicator fell 0.9%, the report says.

If the buyer decides to save money and take only one item of each type, the set will cost $34,131 thousand, which is also 0.6% higher than last year.

PNC Christmas Price Index (PNC CPI) is calculated for more than 30 years for its calculation are used data of retailers, acting agencies, pet shops and other sources. Since 1984 the index, which takes into account one item of each type has increased by 84%.

The growth index coincides approximately with the pace of consumer inflation in the United States. Although in some years there are exceptions, but the history of the PNC CPI shows that the average annual increase coincides with the change in the index of inflation in the United States.

This year, the PNC CPI growth was marginally above the official figures. Consumer prices in the U.S. for the 12 months ended in November, rose 0.5%. The index of core inflation, not taking into account the volatile prices for food and energy, rose much more significantly by 2%.

The core inflation index PNC CPI this year increased by 1% to $21,006 thousand From it, similar to the official indicators, are excluded gifts with the most volatile prices – swans. However, over the past year the price of these birds is not changed, remaining at $13,125 thousand apiece, which, moreover, coincides with their price in 1984.

The overall cost of the nine components of the index remained at the previous level – hens, songbirds, Golden rings, geese, swans, eight maids a-milking, ladies, pipers and drummers. Turtle doves is up for the year by 11.5%.

With irony it can be noted that against the background of rising real estate prices in the U.S. this year has increased the cost of housing for partridge – pear tree gained 1.2%. However, the bird has risen by a quarter (the largest increase among the components of the index), but in General, partridge together with the tree stand is 3.5% more than last year.

A complete set of the gifts from the song purchased on the Internet, now would cost the buyer at $196,478 thousand, or 2.1% more than the year before. Online buy all mentioned in the song in one single instance would cost Americans 1.6% more – $43,627 thousand Significant difference compared with the purchase of gifts in a regular store is associated with a high cost of shipping live birds.