Co-owner of Moscow credit Bank Avdeev buy pharmacy group A5

Moscow. December 17. Co-owner of Moscow credit Bank Roman Avdeev is buying pharmacy group A5 (brands “A5”, “Standard” and “Formador”), said several sources familiar with the matter.

One of the sources told the Agency that Avdeev plans to buy out the majority shareholders ‘ A5 Romana Buzdalin and Sergey Solodova.

A5 the second shareholder is Baring Vostok Private Equity Fund V, which last year bought out an additional issue A5, got 31,25% of the group. The Fund does not intend to leave the company, said one of the sources.

The buzdalin and Solodov refused comments, to contact the CEO Andrei Gusev A5 failed.

Transaction already approved by Federal Antimonopoly service, said the Agency interlocutor. Earlier Thursday, the FAS issued a decision to approve the petition of LLC “Concern “Rossium” (owned by Roman Avdeev assets, including 70,02% of the IBC) on the acquisition of an unnamed legal entities with a requirement to undertake some actions aimed “at ensuring competition in the retail market”.

Further Avdeev plans to merge with A5 “Pharmacy chain 36,6”, adds the source. The interlocutor refused to comment further, noting that the parties only consider such an opportunity.

The General Director “36,6” Vladimir Kintsurashvili and Chairman of the Board of Directors of the company Ivan Saganelidze was unavailable for comment. Director of corporate Finance “36,6” Yuri Gusarov declined to comment.

R. Avdeev has long-standing relationships with “Pharmacy chain 36.6”. Controlled by Moscow credit Bank is the main creditor of pharmaceutical company. In 2013 the structure of R. Avdeev Gardenhills bought “36,6” 51% in pharmaceutical producer Veropharm, subsequently bringing the share up to 98,3% and selling the company to American company Abbott.

This summer Vice-President of “IBC Capital” (managing company for the long-term strategy for the development of assets Avdeeva) Andrey Kryukov has joined the Board of Directors of “Pharmacy chain 36,6”. Then after the additional issue “MDB Capital” became the owner of 5.4% of pharmacy companies, however a month later sold his share.

“Pharmacy chain 36.6” at the end of September completed the merger with the A. V. Group e, which was carried out in the framework of the additional issue. The structure of the majority shareholders “36,6” (Vladimir Kintsurashvili and Ivan Saganelidze) – Palesora Limited – have contributed as payment of shares 100% of shares of operating companies – LLC “Apteka-A. V. e” and LLC “Apteka-A. V. e-1”. As a result, the pharmacy chain A. V. e became part of the group of companies “36,6”, and the proportion rose to Palesora of 78.96%.

A. v.e Group and “36,6” developing brands “pharmacy chain 36.6”, “Gorzdrav”, A. v.e, “Old doctor”. At the end of June 2015 under the management of the group was 780 pharmacies. The group’s revenue in the first half of this year amounted to $ 16,101 billion.

At the end of 2014 A5 totaled 1,005 thousand pharmacies. In 2015, the company’s management planned to increase its network by 28% to 1,285 thousand points. A5 revenue by the end of 2014 amounted to 26 billion rubles, an increase of 27%. In 2015 this figure is expected to grow by 42% to 36.9 billion rubles.