Finland will buy a package of Gazprom in Gasum for 251,3 million euros

Moscow. December 18. Finland will buy a 25 percent package of Gazprom in Gasum for 251,3 million Euro, is spoken in the message of the government. The closing of the transaction is expected in early 2016.

As a result, the Finnish government consolidates 100% of Gasum.

Gazprom was going to sell their 25% in Gasum (75% owned by the Finnish government), but in early June the Deputy Chairman of Board of concern Alexander Medvedev explained the lack of news about the sale that “there were some issues with the owner, who hadn’t had a chance to settle”. The question of the sale of shares in Gasum even was submitted to the Board of Directors of “Gazprom”.

Gasum, for its part, said Friday that it has agreed with “Gazprom” on the revision of the contract terms on gas supplies before the start of the proceedings in the Stockholm arbitration.

Gasum Oy is engaged in import and distribution of natural gas in Finland. Last year the country bought in Russia 3,11 billion cubic meters of natural gas.