In the Kremlin will study the business of children-headed Gulls, but can test for a conflict of interest

In the Kremlin will study the business of children-headed Gulls, but can test for a conflict of interest

MOSCOW, December 18. In the presidential administration will not investigate the business of adult children Prosecutor General of Russia Yuri Chaika, but I can check this situation in a conflict of interest.

“This mechanism (check for corruption that exists in the Kremlin) is engaged in the control of free entrepreneurs, told journalists the President’s press Secretary Dmitry Peskov. – If you ask me whether this mechanism is to control the business of children-headed Gulls, adult and independent entrepreneurs, the answer is no.”

You need to understand that they, the children of the attorney General, has violated the law or not, if the attorney General some elements related to conflict of interest, he supported and helped their children?

Vladimir Putin
the President of Russia

“Monitoring for possible conflict of interest in accordance with the law, of course”, he added.

Peskov said that in presidential administration there is a control mechanism, including control management of the President, the office for combating corruption and this work has been the assistant to the President Evgeny Shkolov. “They all focused on (the head of the Kremlin administration) by Sergei Ivanov,” – said Peskov.

“The whole array declarations and array of information that comes through different channels – it is, of course, intelligible information, is processed in these offices, said the spokesman. – In the case when the experts of these offices consider it necessary, taking the required test.” According to Peskov, such checks may be conducted for virtually all officials, including the attorney General.

The Kremlin spokesman added that this is a daily work, its results constantly report to the management.

Investigations FBC

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The Fund of struggle against corruption, founded by Alexei Navalny, 1 December published an investigation, in which, inter alia, States that one of the sons of the public Prosecutor ostensibly speaks Greek hotel, also, the sons of Gulls were shareholders in two key companies of Russian Railways.

The head of the Prosecutor General’s office called the accusations untrue and said that “customers of this deceitful film are British citizen William Browder and its intelligence services.”

Russian court Browder was previously found guilty of tax crimes and sentenced in absentia to 9 years in prison.

On the Fund of struggle against corruption

The Fund of struggle against corruption was established by Alexei Navalny in 2011, its Director is Roman Rubanov, Executive Director Vladimir Ashurkov. The most famous anti-corruption project of the Foundation website “Rospil”.