Region: modernization and innovation in industry and energy

Traditional source of income for the Khanty-Mansiisk Autonomous district oil production. This area is still interesting and attractive for investors. In this case, as evidenced by the adopted in Ugra strategy for socio-economic development for the period till 2030, the regional authorities have embarked on a broad diversification of the economy.

MOSCOW, 18 Dec. Traditional source of income for the Khanty-Mansiisk Autonomous district oil production. This area is still interesting and attractive for investors. In this case, as evidenced by the adopted in Ugra strategy for socio-economic development for the period till 2030, the regional authorities have embarked on a broad diversification of the economy.

The 2030 strategy assumes global technological re-equipment of existing and creation of new high-tech facilities, primarily in the non-oil sectors of the economy. Today investment portfolio of Ugra includes more than 100 projects (excluding projects in oil production) with a total investment capacity of more than 500 billion rubles.

Rate in industrial policy made the development of industrial clusters and industrial parks, including, with attraction as residents of the enterprises of small and medium business, solving, including an actual problem of import substitution.

According to the head of district Natalia Komarova, in the region a network of nine industrial parks, and the import substitution program now includes 17 investment projects worth over 19 billion rubles.

“On the basis of such parks, small and medium enterprises of the district can quickly and inexpensively expand their production, specializing in certain areas of import substitution. Their parks are created in the field of woodworking, oilfield service, agriculture, manufacture of building materials. We place special emphasis on technological re-equipment of oil and gas production and the petrochemical industry”, — said Komarov.

Priority areas for investment were identified in the partnership agreement in the field of industrial policy between the government of Ugra and the Ministry of industry and trade, signed during the St. Petersburg international economic forum 2015.

One of the largest territorial-industrial clusters is mining, which now implements the project of production of especially pure quartz “Polar quartz”, which is in demand in the aerospace and defense industry. For a long time this sector of the commodity market was occupied solely by the products of American origin. In the current circumstances, the project in its second phase of implementation, it is of strategic importance not only for the region but for the whole country. Its investment capacity is more than 4.5 billion rubles.

On the second place among the priority projects of industrial development of the region is possible, perhaps, to put innovation and technology cluster.

One of his platforms was “high technology Park”, the residents of which are currently 140 companies. In Technopark implemented 150 projects in six areas. Over the past six years the volume of Technopark’s residents have more than 5.4 billion rubles.

Last year in Yugra created two new industry cluster — forestry and processing. There are two industrial Park — at the oilfield in Nizhnevartovsk and forest industry in the village of Alyabyevo.

The most recent example of implementation of the diversification strategy, the dominant reduction in the income of the district budget the share of oil industry, including through the development of small and medium enterprises, the completion of construction of the first in the Khanty-Mansi Autonomous district of a plant producing reinforced concrete structures for precast-monolithic house-building.

Enterprise in the Soviet district of Yugra will produce 120 thousand cubic meters of concrete structures, providing, thus, the construction of 40 thousand square meters of housing per year. The construction of the new plant was made possible thanks to targeted budget subsidies in the amount of 30 million rubles, and the total investment in the project amounted to 195 million rubles.

After reaching the design capacity, the plant will be able to completely satisfy demands in precast-monolithic housing for the Soviet district in which it is located, and for the most part Western districts of Yugra.

“Road map” for import substitution, adopted in Ugra for 2015-2017 includes the development of their own agricultural production.

For example, in the village of Bright, located a few kilometers from the district center, commissioned a greenhouse complex “Agrofirm”. This agricultural enterprise in the year grows nearly three thousand tons of cucumbers, 560 tons of tomatoes and more than 180 tons of greens. This innovative technology will enable us to grow vegetable and green crops are not only qualitatively but also in the shortest possible time.

In agrarian and industrial complex of the district now employs a total of about five thousand people. It is planned that by the year 2020 through the development of greenhouses Autonomous Okrug will be able to reach full self-sufficiency in greenhouse vegetables.

And in the Northern region of Yugra — Beloyarsk — in conditions of risky agriculture, near the Arctic circle began to grow strawberries. And Italian, very heat-loving. True, it had to build almost a scientific laboratory with a drip irrigation system, make Bumble bees for pollination.

A good trend shows meat and dairy farming: the number of pigs in the County has increased 1.5 times, birds — more than twice. In 2015, the herd of cattle has exceeded 15 thousand.

Another important part of the Strategy-2030 transport and energy infrastructure. The largest projects in the sphere of road — construction of two bridges across the Ob river and road Saranpaul-birch, worth $ 80 billion.

Ugra is the undisputed leader among Russian regions for production of electricity. Last year, its share in the national volume amounted to 8.5%. In 2014 electricity production in the district amounted to 90 billion kWh, nearly 40% higher than in Krasnoyarsk region — the second volume of the generation region of the country.

The fundamental objects of Ugra are energy large hydro power plants — Surgutskaya GRES-1 and GRES-2, and Nizhnevartovskaya GRES, the third unit launched in operation in 2014, and launched in 2013, Nyagan GRES.

We note that the district is one of the largest contributors of electricity in the country. The redundancy of production to own consumption is about 10 billion kWh

According to the forecast of the regional government, by 2020 the planned volume of electricity production will amount to 101 billion kWh, or 112% to the level of production in 2014. This will increase the supply of electricity to neighbouring regions in three times — up to 30 billion kWh per year. By 2030 the share of electricity in total volume of industrial production in the district is expected to increase to 12.7%, i.e. by half from the current level.

This serves the same purpose and scale of utilization of associated petroleum gas and gas generation, two critical problems — securing the oil fields of its own energy and utilization of APG.

In Yugra now operates nine gas processing plants and three were put in operation for the last three years. So, in September of this year started Yuzhno-Priobskiy GPP with a capacity of 900 million cubic meters of APG per year. This is one of the largest investment projects implemented in Russia in the current year the volume of investments amounted to almost 15 billion rubles.

According to experts of rating Agency “RIA Rating”, by the end of 2015, the volume of APG at gas processing plants may amount to 24.5 billion cubic meters.

Given the increasing role of gas processing industry in the economy of the region, soon the County government plans to create an industrial Park for processing of associated gas, which will allow to reach the level of its use in 98%. By means of Yuzhno-priobskiy GPP in 2015, the level of utilization in Ugra will reach 95%.

The growth of gas utilization as valuable feedstocks in the near future to develop oil and gas chemical cluster polymers, chemical fertilizer, solvents, methanol and products of its conversion, bitumen, industrial gas and wide fractions of light hydrocarbons.

Thus, oil and gas production region in the near future will go to a higher level of redistribution that will allow maximum efficiency to use the resources of Yugra.

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