The state Duma ratified the agreement between Russia and Argentina on judicial assistance in criminal matters

MOSCOW, December 18. The state Duma ratified the Treaty with the Republic of Argentina on mutual legal assistance in criminal matters.

The document was signed at Buenos Aires July 12, 2014 for development of the international legal framework of Russian – Argentine cooperation on mutual legal assistance in criminal matters.

According to the contract, legal aid is provided in case the act constitutes a criminal offense under the laws of one of the parties. Russia and Argentina agree on a reciprocal basis and under specified terms to render each other legal assistance in investigation, litigation or other legal proceedings associated with criminal cases. In particular, the document States that parties should help each other in obtaining evidence or statements of suspects, determining their location and to call witnesses.

In addition, the Treaty contains clauses that are the subject of regulation which are the fundamental rights and freedoms of man and citizen. So, the obligation of the requesting party to detain temporarily transferred at the request for legal aid, a person deprived of liberty. The document does not affect matters regulated by the Treaty on the Eurasian economic Union, and is not contrary to other international treaties of the Russian Federation.

The representative of the Russian President in the state Duma, the Deputy Minister of justice of Russia Dmitry Aristov noted that earlier the relations between the two States regarding legal assistance in criminal matters have not been resolved at the bilateral level. “The agreement aims at creating a legal framework for mutual legal assistance in criminal matters. In accordance with the contract, the parties shall afford each other the widest possible legal support. The subject of the contract are basic rights of man and citizen. In this connection it is subject to ratification,” said Aristov.