Biden: U.S. budget for 2016 will strengthen the economy and security

WASHINGTON, 19 Dec. Vice President Joe Biden believes approved on Friday the budget is “not perfect” but believes that it will contribute to economic growth and strengthening security.

“This agreement’s not perfect, but it will help grow our economy, enhance our security and it shows leadership by consensus, not crisis, that in recent years we have seen too often,” said Biden in connection with the compromise on the budget for the 2016 financial year.

In his comment, “neither party (nor Democrats, nor the Republicans) got everything it wanted, and fighting for much to be continued”. Biden stressed that a compromise was possible to avoid “unnecessary closures” of Federal authorities and shown the path compromise of power demanded by the Americans.

Earlier on Friday, the draft budget approved by both houses of Congress, and then he was signed by the President.

The budget act for the current fiscal year — until September 2016.