Lavrov: only the “Vienna format” can provide the external conditions for settlement in Syria

Lavrov: only the “Vienna format” can provide the external conditions for settlement in Syria

UN, December 19. Resolution of the UN security Council recorded that only “Vienna format” capable of providing the external conditions for negotiations of the Syrian government with the opposition. This was stated December 19 by the Minister of foreign Affairs of Russia Sergey Lavrov, speaking at a UN security Council meeting on Syria.

“The Resolution just adopted commended the International support group Syria between 30 October and 14 November 2015 on the means of implementation of the Geneva communiqué of 2012, thereby clearly stated: firstly that all these three documents constitute a single platform to resolve the bloody Syrian crisis, and, secondly, that “Vienna” – the only thing which unites the efforts of all influential external actors and thereby capable of providing the external conditions for sustained and equitable settlement through negotiations between the SAR government and the entire spectrum of the opposition,” he said.

He also added that to determine their own future, include the fate of President Bashar al-Assad, only the Syrian people themselves.

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“Syria must remain a United, secular, multi-religious and multi-ethnic state, safe for all population groups, – quoted Lavrov paragraph. – And only the Syrian people have the right to determine their own future. This was a clear answer to the attempts to impose on the Syrians from outside resolve any issues, including the question of the fate of their President.”

Russia urges all of you to get involved in ideological rhetoric in the Syrian issue and to work pragmatically, said the Minister of foreign Affairs.

“We call on all my colleagues during the work, not to indulge in ideological rhetoric, to avoid fuelling sectarian strife is pernicious, to work pragmatically, based on the paramount need to curb terror and violence, to steer the conflict towards a political settlement,” the Minister said.

“This approach has no alternative, if we truly set ourselves above all not geopolitical ambitions, and the interests of the Syrian people and the Syrian state,” – said Lavrov.

According to Lavrov, the unanimous support in the UN security Council resolution on Syria must open the way to joint efforts in combating terrorism.

“Combating terrorism has to be consistent, prompted by expedience, whether in Syria or anywhere else, – said the Russian Minister. – Unacceptable attempts to divide terrorists into “good” and “bad”.

Russia hopes that the UN Secretariat impartially will come to the implementation of the resolution on Syria, said the foreign Minister.

Lavrov added that the special envoy of the UN Secretary General will sustain a well-balanced approach in preparing inter-Syrian negotiations, adding that the UN Secretary General and his special envoy to play a leading role in organizing Syrian peace talks.

“Unanimously approved today the resolution establishes a UN Security Council control over the implementation of the achieved agreements in Vienna, the Minister said. – The UN Secretary-General and special envoy of the UN Secretary General for Syria, Staffan de Mistura, to play a leading role in the organization and support of the negotiation process based on the outcome of meetings of the Syrian opposition in Moscow, Cairo, Riyadh, Damascus and al-hasakah”.

The foreign Minister emphasized the importance that the security Council reaffirmed the sovereignty of Syria.

About the new meeting on Syria

Russia, USA and UN will be ready to convene another meeting of the International support group Syria (MGPS) as the recommendations of the UN Secretariat to the Security Council, Lavrov added.

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“We hope they balanced the Secretariat’s recommendations to the security Council about the necessary steps on all the agreed areas in Vienna. Sure that our colleagues in the team of Staffan de Mistura will approach these assignments responsibly, impartially, without succumbing to possible attempts to pressure them in one direction or another and guided solely by the task of facilitating the finding of mutual consent between the government and the opposition, as required by the resolution adopted today,” he said.

“In process of readiness of these recommendations we will be ready as co-chairs MGPS together with the US, UN to convene its next meeting to determine consensus on further steps in support of the Syrian settlement,” he said.

The UN security Council on December 19 unanimously passed a resolution in support of the Vienna agreements on the peaceful settlement of the conflict in Syria. The document listed the main stages and principles of the political process, and stresses that the future of the country should be determined by the Syrians themselves.

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