Russia entered the top three on remittances of migrants

Moscow. On 19 December. Russia ranked third among the top countries in terms of remittances of migrants to their homeland. In just the past year, labor migrants working in Russia, moved their families $33 billion, according to the Statistical guide of the world Bank (WB) “Migration and remittances 2016.”.

First and second places went to the U.S. with indicators $56 billion and Saudi Arabia ($37 billion). The ten most popular countries for migration are Germany, UAE, UK, France, Canada, Spain and Australia.

Migrant workers in 2015, sent his family home is about $601 billion, including developing countries received $441 billion – more than three times the volume of international financial assistance.

The primary state recipient of the funds – India ($72 billion), in second place – China ($64 billion).

According to the data of 2013, most workers – about 13 million people – moved from Mexico to the United States. In second place was the direction from Russia to Ukraine (reverse thread is on the 4th), the third – Bangladesh-India. The main suppliers of migrants in the world are Mexico, India, China, Russia, Bangladesh, Pakistan, the Philippines, Afghanistan, Ukraine and the United Kingdom.

The number of refugees in 2014, according to WB estimates, was $ 14.4 million people, about 86% were adopted in developing countries, including Turkey, Pakistan, Lebanon, Iran, Ethiopia.