The Chairman of the “Yabloko” Mitrokhin proposed to elect the party leader for a period of one year

MOSCOW, December 19. The Chairman of the “Yabloko” Sergei Mitrokhin proposed to elect the party leader for a period of one year. Such a proposal he made during the Congress opened the “Apple” which could be replaced by a party leader.

According to Mitrokhin, Yabloko is possible to form a faction in the state Duma elections of 2016, and the current Congress should be “mobilization”. “To this end I propose to elect the party Chairman for a term of one year, to be clear, he can do this work or not,” said the current Chairman.

At the two-day Congress of Yabloko delegates intend to discuss the mandrel in the party Charter, in the case of adoption it can be replaced by the Chairman.

As reported earlier, press Secretary of Grigory Yavlinsky Igor Yakovlev, a key issues forum will be on personnel questions, and above all, “the question of the re-election of the Chairman of the party”. He recalled that the next Congress, which should have been re-elected to the party leadership, was to be held in June, after four years since the previous Congress. “But decided to conduct election of Chairman and adoption of the party list on elections in the state Duma, which will take place in the summer,” – said Yakovlev.

Meanwhile, on the eve of the Congress it was proposed to prescribe in the Charter party of a prohibition for the same person to take the presidency two terms in a row. A recommendation adopted 4 December, the political Affairs Committee “the Apple” offered “to adopt the amendments to the Charter that restrict the ability of stay on a post of the Chairman of one person to two terms 4 years, max 8 years”, said Yakovlev.

The introduction to the Charter of this amendment would mean that Sergei Mitrokhin, head of Yabloko since 2008, will no longer be able to claim the presidency. However, according to Mitrokhin, he “intends to fight for the presidency of the party”. If the amendment is accepted, will not be eligible for the post and Yabloko leader Grigory Yavlinsky, who headed Apple since the early 1990-ies to 2008. “Yavlinsky does not exclude the possibility of his candidature, but it depends on whether or not the Congress political Affairs Committee recommended an amendment to the Charter. If it is accepted, Yavlinsky would not be able to be a President”, – said Yakovlev.

As previously reported by the site “Apple”, among the other candidates for the presidency – without mandate of the former member of the legislative Assembly of the Pskov region Lev Shlosberg, a former state Duma Deputy Sergei Ivanenko, Commissioner for human rights in St. Petersburg Alexander Shishlov.