Yavlinsky proposed to limit stay on a post of the Chairman “the Apple” to two terms

Yavlinsky proposed to limit stay on a post of the Chairman “the Apple” to two terms

MOSCOW, December 19. The founder of Yabloko party Grigory Yavlinsky proposed to support the amendment in the party Charter that restricts the stay of one person as President to two terms, no more than 8 years. Such a proposal he made at the General Congress of the “Yabloko”.

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“We want to show the country that we can change the leadership,” noted Yavlinsky. According to him, the long stay in power “creates inefficiency in decision making”.

While Yavlinsky has proposed to the delegates the matter of whether this amendment apply to those who had previously held the post of party Chairman. “A special vote to decide whether the amendment to me and to Sergey Sergeyevich (Mitrokhin)”, – he explained, speaking at the Congress.

Elections to the state Duma

Yavlinsky did not rule out that he will lead the party list on elections in the state Duma in 2016 and will be a candidate in the presidential elections of the Russian Federation from Yabloko in 2018.

Opened two day reporting and re-election Congress of the “Yabloko” election of the Chairman and will be considered amendments to the party Charter, among them limiting the presidency to two terms or eight years. “I think it is possible that the party will make a decision that I would head the list on elections in the state Duma. Moreover, I think it is possible that the party will support the decision of the political Committee to nominate me as a candidate for the presidency. So I’m in this capacity, and as the first issue of the list, and as a presidential candidate to represent the party,” he said. Thus Yavlinsky stressed that “it is not necessary to be a President (party)”.

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Yavlinsky also called on the delegates to support his proposal to limit the stay of one person on a post of the party Chairman to two terms, no more than 8 years. He invited delegates to decide in a separate vote, whether to extend the restriction on him and the current Chairman of the party Sergey Mitrokhin.

If the latest amendment is adopted by Congress, to be elected to the post of Chairman may not be a current head of the party Sergey Mitrokhin, head of it since 2008, none of the founders of the party Grigory Yavlinsky, who headed the “Apple” from 1993 to 2008.

Among other candidates for the presidency – without mandate of the former member of the legislative Assembly of the Pskov region Lev Shlosberg, a former state Duma Deputy Sergei Ivanenko, Commissioner for human rights in St. Petersburg Alexander Shishlov.

Yabloko is one of Russia’s oldest parties. The party participated in all parliamentary elections and was represented in the state Duma of the first, second and third convocations. At the elections in 2011 the party won 3,43% and not passed in the Duma.