Deputies: personnel changes will not help “Apple” to pass in the state Duma of the new convocation

Deputies: personnel changes will not help “Apple” to pass in the state Duma of the new convocation

MOSCOW, December 20. The representatives of the parliamentary parties believe that the new Chairman of the party “Yabloko” Emilia Kabanovoy will be assigned a purely technical role, while the real will remain a leader Grigory Yavlinsky. With a serious chance of overcoming the 5 percent barrier necessary for passage to Parliament, the party is still there, they assume.

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Chairman of Yabloko was elected the Deputy of the Karelian legislative Assembly of Emilia Slabunov

Emilia Slabunov, the Deputy of legislative Assembly of Karelia, Deputy Chairman of the Committee on education, culture, sports and youth Affairs, member of the party since 2003, was elected on the eve of the new Chairman of the Yabloko party Congress in the second round. Her rival, ex-the Deputy of legislative Assembly of the Pskov region Lev Shlosberg, received 56 votes.

Before that Grigory Yavlinsky has not excluded that will lead the party list on elections in the state Duma in 2016 and will be a candidate in the presidential elections of the Russian Federation from Yabloko in 2018.

EP: technical Director

Senator, member of the Supreme Council of “United Russia” Nikolay Bulaev has suggested that this situation is modeled by Grigory Yavlinsky. “There is a certain technical leader of the party that will engage with the regional offices, the creation and resuscitation. But really the role of the public multiple of Yavlinsky will increase before the Duma elections, and it would be logical if it will be headed by (party) list, given that he’s already hinted at such possibility”, – he said.

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At the election of the Chairman “the Apple” the second round came Slabunov and Shlosberg

In the situation, “Mitrokhin or even the schlo├čberg – the leader of the party” Yavlinsky would have been more difficult to assert their leadership positions, continued Bulaev. And in the design of “the technical leader of the party and its leader, the obvious” this would be easier, he said. “Perhaps it also played a role that Mitrokhin, in my view, largely discredited Apple for its rather extreme and not always adequate behavior,” – said United Russia.

As for the prospects of the party in the upcoming Federal elections, according to bulayeva, “very few of those who show professional interest in the preparations, believes a sharp increase in “Apple” and its ability to pass the barrier”. “At best it can change your result. The election campaign has de facto already is quite a long time, and “Apple” in serious discussions, I do not see”, – he concluded.

The CPRF: “no matter How change, there are no prospects”

State Duma Deputy, Deputy Chairman of the CPRF Central Committee Vladimir Kashin believes that “by and large, there (“Apple”) nor reverse leaders of it (the party) can’t be”. “But the niche that it occupied when was Grigory Yavlinsky, when he was Mitrokhin, could under these leaders, at least, not decrease,” he said.

The representative of the CPRF leadership communicates the decisions of the Congress of the “Yabloko” with the “pursuit of democracy” or “the desire to attract these shifts through two terms of some more leaders.” “But, apparently, a bench of leaders so weak that we observe the fact that the observed”, – he stated.

“Rating (“Apple”) this change will only fall. This change is the decline of “Apple,” says Kashin.

CP: the real leader of Yabloko Grigory Yavlinsky will remain

First Deputy head of the faction “Fair Russia” Mikhail Emelyanov said that even the re-election of the leader of “Yabloko” will not change the role of the party Grigory Yavlinsky.

“The leader has always been and remains Yavlinsky. If you became the leader of a little-known people, so I had to Yavlinsky,” he said, agreeing, thus, with Boevym.

Thus Emelyanov convinced that the change of the party leader is unlikely to positively affect the prospects of the Yabloko election to the state Duma. “The Achilles’ heel – approval policy of the West towards Russia. And this win today is very difficult,” – noted spravoross.

LDPR: a Change of leader won’t help “Apple” to be elected to the state Duma

In LDPR consider that “Apple” as the party long ago “went into oblivion”. “No change of leader will not be allowed to return to the political Olympus, especially through the election is not known to anyone in our country the Deputy of the Karelian Parliament to the leaders of the party”, – said the head of the High Council of LDPR, Vice-speaker of the state Duma Igor Lebedev.

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Mitrokhin believes that during his presidency the situation in the party “the Apple” has improved

“Now in the state Duma elections in 2016, parties will be so many that on their background, “the Apple” will not be able to overcome and 3 percent for the preservation of state funding,” he said.

In turn, the head of the Duma Committee on public associations and religious organizations Yaroslav Nilov of the LDPR, added that “the founder of Yabloko Grigory Yavlinsky is a figure that has outlived its usefulness at the beginning of the two thousandth.”

“The peak of the protest of the opposition has now passed, decided to go the upgrade path, obviously, to overcome the electoral threshold in the elections to the state Duma. But I am sure that they will not work. Support of the population they do not have”, – he concluded.

The upcoming elections

Duma elections held on 18 September under a mixed system: 225 deputies will be elected on party lists, yet the same in single-mandate constituencies.