Aeroexpress from 2016 will start a program of cumulative discounts

Moscow. December 21. Aeroexpress launches a program of cumulative discounts.

“From 2016, passengers will be able to accumulate points and pay for their tickets for Aeroexpress trains”, – stated in the message of the carrier.

For the purchase of a ticket for the tariff “standard” will be credited 50 points, tariff “business” or “round-trip” – 100. “With regular travel and purchase of tickets via the website points will be accumulated, and then the passenger will be able to purchase tickets at special prices,” notes “Aeroexpress”.

At 200 points a ticket in standard class will cost 200 rubles., at 400 – 1 RUR Now the price of “standard” – 470 rubles. when buying a cash register and terminal 420 and RUB through a mobile app or website. In business class with 400 points you can buy a ticket for 500 roubles (the current value – 1 thousand RUB.), with 900 points – 1 RUB.

Aeroexpress delivers passengers by rail to Moscow airports, as well as developing suburban railway transport. Major owner with shares in 45,84% – “Delta-TRANS-invest” (the structure of “TransGroup AU”), 17,5% – from a businessman Iskander Makhmudov, 7,5% – of his younger partner Andrei Bokarev (both are also co-owners of “TransGroup”), 25% of Russian Railways, 4,16% of the company’s CEO Alexey Krivoruchko.