Blackberry will provide for self-driving cars

Moscow. December 21. Canadian Blackberry Ltd., trying to refocus the business by manufacturing smartphones for software development with the increased attention to security, will present its own technology for self-driving cars, said CEO John Chen in an interview with Bloomberg.

The presentation will take place in the largest exhibition of consumer electronics Consumer Electronics Show held in January in Las Vegas.

Blackberry already creates for cars, by developing infotainment systems. According to Chen, Blackberry is installed on over 60 million vehicles worldwide.

Automakers recently have modern machines, allowing to perform certain actions without participation of the driver. Some cars can adhere to a given strip on the highway, to respond to sudden stop in front of the machine, as well as self-Park. Developments in this area are not only automakers, but also the largest it companies, including Google and Apple.

Last Friday, Blackberry issued a statement for the previous fiscal quarter. The company recorded a loss, however, and an adjusted loss per share, and revenue were better than market expectations. Thus for three months the company, once a leader in the smartphone market, could realize only 700 thousand phones compared to 800 thousand in the previous quarter.