Defense Ministry: only one chip in the “black box” of the su-24M can be serviceable

MOSCOW, December 21. Only one of the memory chips of the “black box” su-24M, which was shot down over Syria, may be in good condition – the crystal is not damaged, however, the extraction of data need special techniques and much time. This was reported to journalists the Deputy chief of security service of flights of aircraft of Armed forces of Russia Sergey Bainetov.

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“Black box” su-24M was presented on 8 December, and the 18th publicly revealed. Extracted from the body of the recorder chips were seriously damaged, recalled of Baynetov, therefore, the Commission, with the consent of the international observers suspended their decryption before receipt of the survey results.

The results of x-rays

The chip survey was conducted in two phases, said today Bainetov. In the first stage were obtained from the reference x-ray images of the working chip, taken with the flight recorder, similar to that installed on the su-24M. The second was investigated directly in the chip emergency unit of the bomber.

“As a result of the study showed: 13 out of 16 chip non-volatile memory is destroyed, three circuits – BDD, BDD and BDD – corrupted”, – said the representative of the Ministry of defense.

According to him, three circuits were examined using x-ray, comparing the received images with reference to the working circuits of this type. It turned out noted of Baynetov that BDD and BDD have internal damage to the crystals. “Chips with numbers BD and BDD faulty because of damage to the conductors connection of the crystal with the external pins of the chip and the likely destruction of the crystals themselves”, he said.

“Chip sequence number BDD may be in good condition, as damage to its internal elements on the x-ray picture is not traced”, – said the Deputy head of the service.

Next steps

“Existing methods using standard equipment factory “Izmeritel” and the POPPY (Interstate aviation Committee – ed.) recovery and reading of the flight data from the chip at the moment is not possible because of their internal injuries,” admitted Bainetov. Therefore, according to him, currently we are considering the involvement of experts from research institutes, with the ability to read data directly from the crystal.

“To perform this work, unfortunately, takes quite a long time. Every effort will be made to its successful implementation. The results of the investigation we will keep you regularly informed”, – assured the representative of the military Department.

Causes of damage

According to Bainetov, the body drive su-24M has received a penetrating mechanical damage to the inner container. Electrical wiring connecting the recorder with onboard equipment of the aircraft, torn off. “This was the result of a strong impact of the plane on the earth’s surface”, – said the representative of the Ministry of defense.

Previously, the Agency did not rule out that corruption may be associated with a hit in the tail section of the bomber missiles “air-air”, released by Turkish fighter F-16C.

The experts

Work with a “black box” was conducted by specialists of the enterprise “Izmeritel” who manufactured the flight data recorder, and representatives of the MAC. As explained Bainetov, they were conducted in the presence of international observers: senior engineer research Institute of the air force people’s liberation army of China Liu Canwea, adviser of the General Director of “gates aviation limited” Briton Jonathan Gillespie, and the Americans Frank Del Gandio and Ronald Slid Lloyd, representing the International society of aircraft accident investigators (ISASI). Also present were the chief of service of aviation safety and flight test of mil Moscow helicopter plant. Mile Oleg Kolyada.

“No questions from the international observers to the course of our work had been made. Was praised the openness of our actions”, – said the representative of the Ministry of defense.


November 24, fighter from the Turkish air force F-16 shot down Russian bomber su-24M, which, according to Ankara, had violated the country’s airspace near the border with Syria.

In response, the defense Ministry said the su-24M was in the skies over Syria and crossed the border by the Turkish aircraft. The crew of the downed bomber managed to eject, however, commander Oleg Peshkov was killed by ground fire. Navigator Konstantin Muratina saved the Russian military and taken to a Russian base. During the operation to evacuate the pilots of the su-24M was lost helicopter Mi-8. In the death of a marine-contract employee Alexander Pozynich.

The President of Russia Vladimir Putin called the attack a Turkish air force aircraft of the Russian Federation, who participated in anti-terrorist operations in Syria and did not pose a threat to Turkey, “the stab in the back” of Russia.

The Russian head of state on 28 November signed a decree on the temporary ban from 1 January 2016 to hire workers from among the citizens of Turkey. With the new year also suspends the agreement with Turkey on visa-free regime. A ban or restriction on the import into Russia of certain goods from Turkey. In addition, it is not recommended to tour operators to sell trips to Turkey. The government was instructed to strengthen control over the activities of the Turkish road carriers on the territory of Russia in order to ensure security.