Experts urge the Crimean authorities to develop small and medium business

SEVASTOPOL, 21 Dec. Experts urge the Crimean authorities to develop small and average business, to create a favorable investment climate in the region.

Guarantee attractiveness

Chairman of “Business Russia” in Sevastopol Oleg Nikolayev believes that the investment attractiveness of the Peninsula today is practically zero. The main reason, according to him, bureaucratic barriers that create regional officials.

“Investors don’t want to go to Crimea, because there are real barriers from officials, who require either total control over the development of the business, or create unbearable conditions”, — said Nikolaev on Saturday.

“Neither average, neither big business to come to the Peninsula do not want, because there is a good chance to either shut down or go broke. To attract investors in the Crimea will be possible only if the Federal centre will maintain control over that “not koshmariki” entrepreneurs”, — said Nikolayev.

The interlocutor of the Agency emphasized that, despite the sanctions, Crimea remains an attractive destination for both regional and non-local investors. “People want to conduct business operations on the Peninsula, but without guarantees from the government, with the bureaucrats, it is impossible”, — considers Nikolaev.

Promising directions

According to the Governor of Sevastopol Sergey Menyailo, the city should develop in several directions.

“Traditionally in Sevastopol has been developed shipbuilding and ship repair. We actively support this, shipyards are loaded for years to come,” said meniailo.

Thus, according to the Governor, Sevastopol should become all-Russia center for Patriotic education. “This will develop the infrastructure, and I am sure that such investment will not only reasonable, but also a promising direction,” he added.

“Also the authorities of the region will actively promote the development of wine, because of the Crimean wines have been traditionally valued since the times of Imperial Russia”, — said Menyailo.

More attention

According to the Deputy of legislative Assembly of Sevastopol Yevgeny Mashchenko, the authorities pay special attention to development of big business and not interested in small and medium enterprises.

“The basis of any economy is small and medium businesses. I believe that in our region this has not been given due attention. Large factories, it is, of course, jobs and taxes, but this is not enough to create a favorable investment climate”, — said the Deputy.

He proposes to develop the roadmap for enabling small and medium businesses.

“Often, small business are forced to abandon work in the region due to the fact that they set unrealistic conditions. I think that to the attention of the authorities to develop a roadmap for enabling small and medium businesses on the Peninsula is also necessary, as the development of large enterprises,” — said the Agency interlocutor.

Investment risks for the regions of the Russian Federation increased for the second year in a row, and this year the level of investment in fixed capital has reached the minimum values for the last 10 years, experts say RAEX (Expert RA).

According to the Agency, Crimea occupies one of the lowest positions in the ranking 79th, and the city of Sevastopol — 67. The region is the highest in Russia level of depreciation of fixed assets, approximately 74% and the share of unprofitable enterprises is 70%.

The share of various transfers from the center in the budget for new actors is high and exceeds 70%, reported the Deputy head of the Agency Dmitry Qabala. According to him, the growth of investment attractiveness of the Crimea and Sevastopol will contribute to the redistribution in favor of the Peninsula in the flow of Russian vacationers and the realization of the Federal target program, the cost of which up to 2020 will be about 708 billion rubles.

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