Internet pharmacies in Russia offer to allow the sale of some drugs

MOSCOW, 21 Dec. The expert Council of the Institute of development Internet (IRI) offers to legalize the sale of OTC medicines via the Internet. Proposals for the formation of long-term program of development of the Runet and its related industries is presented on Monday at the first forum “Internet Economy”.

According to the draft, the Ministry of health offered until September 2016 to establish requirements for legal entities engaged in the implementation of medicines and medical devices remotely via the Internet with appropriate changes in the laws and regulations that prohibit distant selling drugs. As a result any citizen without leaving home, you can buy over-the-counter drug in the online pharmacy, it is noted in the document.

It is proposed to allow purchase via the Internet and prescription drugs is subject to specific, legally defined procedure. The Ministry of health and the Ministry of communications until September, it is proposed to determine the list of drugs available for shipment by mail.

In addition, experts offer Iran the Ministry of health and Federal MHI Fund by June to create in Russia a minimum regulatory framework, makes it possible to provide remote medical assistance. By September 2016 it is proposed to introduce legislation on licensing of medical activities, the status of “physician private practices” as a new subject of medical law, acting independently within the framework of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation. Must be determined the system of criteria and tolerances applicable to doctors in private practice.

By September 2017 it is proposed to ensure the creation of integrated electronic patient records, which will have access informsistema of medical organizations, providing medical services. By March 2016 it is proposed to amend the law that will allow the patient to have access to all documentation shown to him paid medical care – both on paper and in electronic form.