Kozak: resignation speech of high-ranking Crimean officials is not

Kozak: resignation speech of high-ranking Crimean officials is not

GORKI, December 21. Speech on the resignation of the Crimean higher-level officials, from-for failure of terms of realization of the Federal program for development of the region.

This was stated to journalists by Vice-Premier Dmitry Kozak.

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“While this is not a speech. I don’t know who said about the incompetence of the leaders of the Crimea, perhaps, on the middle and lower levels there are officials who do not fully cope with their responsibilities, judging by what happens to the justification of the cost, the planning of expenditure”, – said Kozak.

“The economic development Ministry and the Finance Ministry presented the results of its own proceedings, and internal investigations. Unfortunately, they have not completely fulfilled their task and presented the results of checking the actual work of the Ministry of Finance and economic development (in terms of the Federal program)”, – explained the Deputy head of the Cabinet.

“They did not analyse the work of the regional authorities in this direction, so they instructed in addition to understand objectively at what stage of the process – state or Federal – inhibition occurs, so that we have an objective decision and from the point of view of improving procedures for all regulatory approvals are obtained, and also, if anyone showed negligence, it is possible to decide on compliance of a post of local officials. Such work will be performed in the nearest future”, – said Kozak.

“Due to the fact that in the autumn there was a discussion between the Federal authorities and the authorities of Crimea (programme), was instructed to create a Commission and an official investigation into the reasons for the delay of disbursement. And now on behalf of the Chairman of the government decided to strengthen the Commission that its members were not only the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of economic development, but also the General Prosecutor’s office. The Commission will leave into place, will understand and take an objective decision”, – said the Deputy head of the Cabinet.

Discussion of the Federal program “is an ordinary, working character”

Speaking about the situation in General, he stressed that “the discussion about the implementation of the Federal program for development of Crimea is the usual, work.” “I don’t understand why it turned into such a big public debate,” said Kozak. He said that in the expenditure of budgetary funds at the Federal and regional levels there are often contradictions in terms of what is financed, between those who uses them, and who controls these processes.

“Here is exactly the same story: the program (development of Crimea) extensive, a lot of objects, a plurality of complex investment projects when the programme itself States the total amount on many events that require decryption”, – said Deputy Chairman of the government.

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He acknowledged that this year there is some delay in agreeing the facilities to be financed under the Federal program. “Originally appeared in the summer some suggestions how to decode the objects, then came new proposals. When decoded objects, there was discussion about the cost of the facilities, he informed. – This year the Crimea and Sevastopol have already been transferred to 2.8 billion rubles by nearly 140 objects that are currently projected. About 1 billion rubles will be transferred to the end of the year. A significant part of the objects upon the proposal of the Crimean authorities are transferred to 2016. We did this in November”.

Vice Prime Minister recalled that, according to the law, the resources must be expended within the deadline. “If before April 1, 2016 grant allocated for implementation of the program will not be expended in accordance with the agreed schedule, they shall be returned to the Federal budget. This is a General rule that works in our country for two years,” concluded Kozak.

Suggestions for punishment of the authorities of the Crimea

Earlier, a source in the Russian government reported that the Ministry of economic development and the Ministry of Finance is mandated to make proposals on the punishment of the authorities of the Crimea in connection with the freezing of funds from the Federal budget allocated for the development of the region. Thus in Moscow reacted to the statement by the head of the Crimea Sergey Aksenov that envisaged in the Federal budget for 2015 funds for the implementation of the Federal target program for development of Crimea Republic “still not transferred a single penny”.

According to a source, 18 September 2015 with the Republic of Crimea and Sevastopol have signed agreements, and Federal funds listed 2,77 billion rubles for the design and construction of 139 objects. However, “at the moment of the notified subsidies by the authorities of these regions, contracts are only 308 million rubles.”

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“Because of the impossibility of development under the Program of financing the most part planned for 2015 funds (RUB 15.7 billion) on the proposal of the Crimean authorities was postponed to 2016,” – said the Agency interlocutor. According to the specialists of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Russian Federation, “the professionalism and quality of work of regional authorities is of serious concern to the government”.

The head of the Crimea earlier in response to this said that the Crimean officials criticize those who actually failed in the implementation of the Federal target program for development of Crimea and Sevastopol. “We have identified the problem clearly, we’re not looking for extreme and guilty. If someone feels deeply offended, probably, it is the people who actually failed the program,” he said.

This Aksenov stressed that the official criticism from Moscow against the Crimean officials were not. “I can’t comment on the performances of some anonymous figures. From real sources, from the government any official communications had been received,” he said.