Medvedev gave a start to the commissioning of solar power plant in Orsk and Abakan.

GORKI, December 21. On Monday, Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev gave a start to the commissioning of solar power plants in Orsk and Abakan. The event took place on the eve of the Day of energy on December 22.

During the launch ceremony, the Prime Minister praised the pace of development of the Russian energy industry.

“In recent years, the industry developed well, considering of course, the General economic situation. As a result of the change in her came and serious private capital”, – said Medvedev.


Orsk solar photovoltaic plant named after A. Vlazneva A. (Orsk SES) in the Orenburg region of “T Plus” (group structure “Renova”) is one of the largest solar energy facilities in the Russian Federation. The power station is 25 MW. Photovoltaic system is made of 100 thousand solar modules. They are fixed on the supporting metal structures with a total weight of 2 122,5 thousand tons, that is installed on more than 33 thousand screw piles. Station design allows in the future to increase its capacity to 40 mW. Investments in Orsk SES is 3 billion rubles.

Abakanskaya solar power plant (SPP Abakan, runs the company the EuroSibEnergo, a member of the group En+) is built in the city of Abakan, the Republic of Khakassia. Installed capacity of 5,198 MW. During the construction of the station is provided with a localization level of equipment and labor in the amount of 55%. To meet the requirements on the localization of the investor from scratch created high-tech production of silicon ingots and organized Assembly of converters (inverters).