ROCIT was going to mediate in disputes about the “right to oblivion”

Moscow. December 21. Regional public center of Internet technologies (ROCIT) is planning to engage in pre-trial settlement of disputes between Internet users and Internet companies to remove irrelevant and unreliable information (in accordance with the law on the “right to oblivion”), was declared by the Deputy of the state Duma Leonid Levin (Chairman of the Board ROCIT) during the forum “Internet economy”.

“Agreed with Internet search engines to sign such an agreement after January 1 (comes into force the law “About the right to oblivion”). In difficult cases, when it gets up on appeal to the court, a citizen can apply to ROCIT for help,” said Levin.

According to him, many strange and difficult to comply with all statutory procedures, and citizens can expect additional costs in connection with the settlement of disputes.

At ROCIT already have some experience in resolving disputes between individuals and companies. “We have already signed a similar agreement with operators regarding the disputes of citizens with carriers about improper withdrawal of funds from their subscription accounts,” said Levin, adding that in the future ROCIT can sign a similar agreement with major players of Internet Commerce.

But while with them such negotiations were not.

The law on the “right to oblivion” was passed by the Parliament at the end of the spring session. According to the document, the operator of the search system on the request of the applicant shall be obliged to stop issuing information about the pointer page of the website, allowing access to information about the claimant disseminated in violation of the Russian legislation, which is inaccurate and obsolete for the applicant.

The exception is information about the events that contain the signs of criminal acts, the deadlines of criminal responsibility for which has not expired, and information about the natural person committing the crime, which was not expunged or quashed conviction.

At the end of last week the state Duma adopted in the second reading the bill about penalties for Internet search engines for violation of the “right to oblivion”, the deputies agreed to reduce from 3 to 1 million rubles the maximum amount of the fine from 3 to 1 million rubles.