Sands: the Kremlin has no information about the death of 9 of Russians fighting in Syria

Sands: the Kremlin has no information about the death of 9 of Russians fighting in Syria

MOSCOW, December 21. In the Kremlin do not have any information about the death of nine of Russians fighting in Syria. This was reported by press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov.

“It is certainly impossible to say something”

“We don’t have such information. Again, the more indirect information, without any links. Hardly here it is possible to tell,” said Sands, commenting on the publication of The Wall Street Journal about the alleged deaths of nine of Russians fighting in Syria on the side of the army of Bashar al-Assad.

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The representative of the Kremlin forwarded the question about the personnel in the Ministry of defence of the Russian Federation.

Russia conducts operations in Syria, in strict accordance with international law, also said Sands, answering the request of journalists to comment on reports citing human rights organization, stating in particular that see Russia using prohibited cluster bombs.

“Russia carries out its operation (in Syria) in strict accordance with the principles and norms of international law, including those parts that regulate or prohibit the use of certain weapons,” he said.

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Author: Victor LITOVKIN

Operation HQs of the Russian Federation in Syria

The Russian military launched operation against the militants is prohibited in the Russian Federation terrorist organizations “Islamic state” and “dzhebhat EN-Nusra” in Syria, 30 September, at the request of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. In the air group included more than 50 aircraft in operation in early October, were engaged by ships of the Navy of the Russian Federation, who attacked the terrorists with a cruise missile from the Caspian sea. Since the beginning of military actions of the Russian pilots destroyed more than 2 thousand objects of the militants. To participate in a ground operation, Russia does not intend.