Shport supported the idea of a high-speed line Khabarovsk – Komsomolsk

KOMSOMOLSK-ON-AMUR, 21 Dec. High-speed railway to link the city of Khabarovsk and Komsomolsk-on-Amur, where the first in Russia the territory of advanced development (TOR or AASED), said Monday the Governor of the region Vyacheslav Shport.

Currently two cities are linked by road — travel time by car is about 5 hours on the regular train which will take about 10 hours, by plane one hour.

“We made a proposal to build high-speed railway between Khabarovsk and Komsomolsk, had to argue at the meeting with some Ministers. We discussion will continue and we will support this proposal… Essentially I’m for, so you can quickly travel from Komsomolsk to Khabarovsk, the time will be 4 hours on a road like that,” said the Governor at a news conference summarizing the year 2015 in the region.

He noted that, technically, such a project could be done, but its implementation requires time. “Study of the matter while weak — you need to count everything, to carry out the electrification of the whole road. But calculated that it is technically possible to do,” said the Governor.

The Torah, “Khabarovsk”, and “Komsomolsk” — the first areas of advanced development, created in the far East, only in the far Eastern Federal district today approved nine Tori.