The Japanese market declined on Monday on the strengthening of the yen

Moscow. December 21. Japanese stock market falls on Monday on the background of strengthening the yen, the markets of China and Hong Kong grow, reports Bloomberg.

The composite index of stock markets of the Asia-Pacific region MSCI Asia Pacific has fallen in the course of trading on 0,2%.

The Japanese index Nikkei 225 declined 0.7%, China’s Shanghai Composite advanced 1.8%, Hong Kong’s Hang Seng index was 0.4%, the Australian S&P/ASX 200 was 0.1%.

“The fall of the US stock market on Friday indicates the departure of investors from risk, and this is reflected in exchange rates, says analyst at Okasan Securities Co. in Tokyo Shoji Hirakawa. – Yen will continue to strengthen for some time”.

The yen to the U.S. dollar declined on Monday to 132,02 131,67 the yen against the yen on the results of the previous session.

Share prices of Japanese exporters fall in the course of trading. The value of the securities Toyota Motor fell 1.7%, shares of the manufacturer of soy sauce, Kikkoman Corp., receiving more than 40% of revenue from operations in North America, fell 1.3%.

Price of Toshiba shares fell 10% on the information of the newspaper Nikkei that the company will fix a record loss of 500 billion yen ($4 billion) in the current fiscal year due to costs associated with the scandal reporting, job cuts, and sales departments.

The Chinese market rises on Monday after the shares of consumer sector companies. Paper Inner Mongolia Yili Industrial Group, the country’s largest dairy producer, soared 9,99%, the value of the shares of Henan Shuanghui Investment & Development, manufacturer of pork grew by 10%.

According to the newspaper Economic Information Daily, the Chinese authorities plan to attract new investors in the energy sector of the country as part of a pilot reform that will commence next year.

“There are expectations that the reform of state-owned companies will be accelerated, says JK Life Insurance in Shanghai Wu Kan. Experts expect improvement of efficiency of state-owned companies”.

Shares of PetroChina rose in the course of trade by 1.4%.