“The messenger” thinking about the exchange of the share Explay in Fly

Moscow. December 21. Oleg Malis, controlling the “Messenger”, can exchange belonging to the retailer brand Explay, which are issued smartphones and tablets, in the British Meridian Group, which owns the brand Fly.

Malis, or “Messenger” can get 20-30% Fly, told “Vedomosti” citing sources close to both sides of the opportunity.

A source familiar with the situation, confirmed that the Union planned to Fly and Explay. How can be structured the deal, he said.

The representative of “Coherent” refused to comment, with Feb could not be reached.

Explay Fly and order the production of phones in China, the latter has also its own R&D center. The main markets for Fly – Russia and India. Both companies are engaged in importing, sales and marketing devices.

Smartphones Fly and Explay are in the top 10 in sales in Russia in monetary and physical terms. The share Explay in sales of smartphones in Russia in the first half of 2015 amounted to 5% in volume terms and 3% in rubles, said a source in the retail market. Fly took 8.5% of market in volume terms and 4% in rubles.

In 2014, Explay turnover amounted to 11.4 billion roubles, with EBITDA of 800 million rubles, told “Vedomosti” citing a source close to Explay.

“The messenger” is the second largest multibrand retailer in Russia, its network includes about 3 thousand stores. The company’s revenue for 2014 increased by 3% to 111 billion roubles.

Since the beginning of this year, “Messenger” is controlled by the Feb. The younger brother of the President of Euroset in December 2014 bought the group “ONEXIM” Mikhail Prokhorov and NPF “Welfare” rights of claim for the overdue loan of the founder “Coherent” Maxim Nogotkov, secured a 51% stake Trellas – the parent company of the group. Later Malis bought this package.