The Saudi oil exports in October reached a maximum of 4 months

Moscow. December 21. Saudi Arabia boosted oil exports in October to its highest volume in four months, according to the Joint Organization Data Initiative (JODI).

Shipments abroad totaled 7,364 million barrels a day against 7,111 million b/d in September, up 3.6%. Compared with October 2014, the increase in exports is 7%, according to JODI.

Extraction of Saudi Arabia in October was $ 10,28 million b/d, up from 10.23 million b/d in the previous month.

According to the Agency Bloomberg, in November the country produced about 10,33 million b/d of oil, with the result that the production exceeded 10 million b/d by the end of the ninth month in a row.

According to JODI, some of the countries-members of OPEC reduced oil exports in October, Iraq and Kuwait. So, the supply of Iraq amounted to 2,708 million b/d, compared with 3,052 million b/d in September, which was the fourth month of decline. Kuwait in October exported 1,095 million b/d against 2,008 million b/d in the previous month.

Iran exports increased very slightly – up to 1,395 million b/d from 1.39 million b/d in September.