Business Ombudsman: a number of complaints from entrepreneurs in 2015 has increased by 50%

MOSCOW, December 22. The number of applications from entrepreneurs in 2015 has increased by 50% compared with last year, said the Commissioner under President of Russia on protection of businessmen Boris Titov.

“Unfortunately, the number of hits so far not been reduced, and problems remain in the system a lot. The main problem is the criminal prosecution of business. Many questions have been administrative,” said Titov.

During the year the Ombudsman under the RF President on protection of entrepreneurs ‘ rights received 20587, of which 17.5 thousand were in administrative cases, 2.3 thousand criminal cases. Failed to resolve 16.5 thousand applications business.

Titov also expressed concern regarding potential criminal prosecution of the regional ombudsmen.

According to him, the investigators in the regions began to attract the ombudsmen as witnesses in cases which they and considered. As an example, Titov cited the situation with the Ombudsman in the Republic of Chuvashia.

He (the Ombudsman – approx. ed) just have to give a subscription about nondisclosure, and as a result, the Ombudsman can’t work on this case, – said Titov.