Children’s clothing from Turkey will not be banned

Moscow. December 22. The government are considering proposals to restrict imports of Turkish light industry products in the segment of children’s products, said a spokesman for Prime Minister Natalia Timakova.

“No proposal of the Ministry of industry and trade to limit the export from Turkey of light industry products in the segment of children’s goods in the Russian government are not considered”, – said Timakova to journalists on Tuesday.

Earlier Tuesday, state Secretary – Deputy Minister of industry and trade Viktor Evtukhov told reporters that the Agency has proposed to prohibit the import 70-80% of light industry goods from Turkey. “My proposals have made. We have made suggestions that we would like to ban according to light industrial products, first of all, in order to create, of course, favorable conditions for our producers, who are able to replace the Turkish products. But what will be made the decision, I can’t say that,” he said.

Evtukhov said that it is about 70-80% of the commodity nomenclature.