Deutsche Bank has found in Russia a questionable transaction for $10 billion

Moscow. December 22. Deutsche Bank identified suspicious transactions related to the Russian business of the Bank, up to $4 billion in addition to the already analyzed “mirror” transactions at $6 billion, reported Bloomberg, several people familiar with the inspection results of the credit institution.

Thus, the amount claimed by the Frankfurt Bank operations that probably were not tested for the possibility of money laundering by customers to withdraw funds from Russia might reach $10 billion.

Among the transactions, which the Bank did not report the investigation, there are transactions that primarily occur in one direction – for example, purchase requisition, said sources familiar with the investigation.

Germany’s largest Bank in September, shared this information with foreign regulators and authorities, said two sources familiar with the report, Deutsche Bank. American Prosecutor interested in “mirror” the transactions of the Bank for possible violations of U.S. law on money laundering. According to sources, the American authorities were also notified about other suspicious transactions.

The Bank of Russia by results of check of separate operations Deutsche Bank in Russia the Bank has charged a minor fine. The investigation of the US Department of justice has not yet been completed. If the regulators identify violations of law or Bank rules, the total amount of transactions can be one of the factors in determining the amount of the fine or the appointment of another form of punishment.

The U.S. Department of justice declined to comment.

An internal review undertaken by Deutsche Bank in the last 12 months, was amid the attention of international regulators. During this time the Bank paid approximately $2.75 billion as part of the settlement of the U.S. claims for violation of the sanctions regime, as well as investigations of the US authorities and the UK, suspecting the Bank of manipulating the indicative rates. Deutsche Bank pleaded guilty on both counts. The Bank also said that is under investigation in the US on suspicion of manipulation in the foreign exchange market and the metals market.