Eight new residents appeared in the free port of Vladivostok

VLADIVOSTOK, 22 Dec. Eight new residents of the free port appeared Tuesday during the second meeting of the Supervisory Board of free port of Vladivostok, told reporters the head of the development Corporation Far East alekandra Korneichuk.

“The main news — we have eight new residents as a result of the decision and the approval of the Supervisory Board of the applications submitted to date. Generally over the period since the first meeting of the Supervisory Board received 160 applications, these 160 applications have demanded such fairly intensive communications with Complainants, the result is 21 has applied for a total of just over 70 billion rubles of investments. 21 most of these were eight applications which we brought to the Supervisory Council,” — said Korniychuk.

According to him, among the projects — enterprise for the cultivation of potatoes, the production of led lamps (Moscow), the fishing port of Vladivostok and others.

Korneychuk added that the next meeting of the Supervisory Board of the port will take place in January-February 2016, once collected the required number of new applications.

Presidential envoy to FEFD Yuri Trutnev, in turn, told journalists that the total volume of residents ‘ investments exceeds 30 billion rubles.

“All 8 projects have received the status of residents of free port. Every project is different. It projects in the field of warehousing, in the area of fisheries with refrigeration devices, hereinafter referred to as the agricultural production, this technology projects related to tyre recycling, the production of energy-saving lamps,” said Trutnev.

In addition, he reported that the members of the Supervisory Board discussed the proposals on amendments to the law on the free port of Vladivostok in the acquisition of resident status valid legal entities and private entrepreneurs. The amendments assume that preferences granted to residents of free port, will get only new production capacities of enterprises, which will be located directly on the territory of the free port.

There are currently 9 approved by the residents of the port.

The law “On the free port of Vladivostok” entered into force on 12 October. It provides a one window system at the border, non-stop at checkpoints, simplified visa regime with obtaining an eight-day visa at the border, the regime of the free customs zone for the residents. Residents of Porto Franco will receive tax benefits and administrative benefits. At the moment, the regime of the free port of Vladivostok is distributed in 15 municipalities of Primorsky Krai. In the state Duma now considers the bill on the extension mechanism of a Free port to the other ports of the Far East.