Export of gas from Russia in 2015 will grow by 4.8% in the fall production

Moscow. December 22. The export of gas from Russia in 2015 may grow by 4.8% to 190 billion cubic meters, said the head of Ministry Alexander Novak in interview to the newspaper “Kommersant”.

Gas production in the current year, on the contrary, will be reduced by approximately 1.4% to 633 billion cubic meters. The drop in production was caused, according to Novak, the decline in gas consumption in the domestic market because of too warm weather.

“A decline in natural gas production – 633 billion cubic meters, approximately 9 billion cubic meters less than in 2014. While growth of exports to about 190 billion cubic meters against 181,2 billion cubic meters, that is, the main reduction comes at the expense of the domestic market. This is due primarily to the reduction in consumption due to weather conditions, because, as we observed in December, the average temperature of 5.8 degrees higher than in 2014”, – said the Minister.