In the evening, the ruble has stabilized against the dollar and fell against Euro

In the evening, the ruble has stabilized against the dollar and fell against Euro

According to the Moscow exchange, the dollar calculations “tomorrow” increased to 71,29 ruble, the Euro – 78,23 to ruble on the background of the uncertain dynamics of oil.

MOSCOW, 22 Dec. Dmitry Mayorov. The ruble against the dollar has stabilized in the evening and slightly fell against the Euro, reacting to the uncertain dynamics of the oil market.

The demand for rubles in the framework of the tax period supports the Russian currency, the ruble and the price of “black gold” remains near multi-year lows — below 2,6 thousand rubles per barrel of Brent.

The dollar calculations “tomorrow” to 20.21 MSC was increased by 0.06 ruble — to 71,29 ruble, the Euro — 0.41 ruble — to 78,23 rubles, exceeding 78 rubles for the first time in a week, follows from the data of the Moscow exchange.

Under some pressure

The ruble against the dollar and the Euro during the Tuesday session slightly fluctuated around previous closing levels.

Attempts to the rising cost of 36 dollars per barrel of Brent — the lowest since 2004 — helping the ruble to stay afloat.

However, the pressure on the energy market is maintained. The leaders of the U.S. Congress agreed on a fiscal plan that will allow you to lift the ban on exporting crude oil from the United States. Possible lifting of the ban will significantly increase the volume of supply on the oil market.

In addition to the factor prices of oil the ruble is focused on the banking sector liquidity. High stakes in this market are provided in the tax period in Russia, which traditionally supports the national currency.

Negative background for the ruble in the evening had news about the expansion of U.S. sanctions against Russian companies and banks. However, a significant impact on courses it had, say dealers.

In the end evening the Euro grew by 0.5 ruble, the dollar has stabilized as a result of a weak dynamics of the American currency on Forex.

Forecasts and recommendations

The ruble, in its turn, is still poorly responds to the negative dynamics of oil quotations, estimates Ivan Kopeikin from “BCS Express”.

“Such an indicator as oil in rubles trading near multi-year lows, which gives some signals to the weaker dynamics of the Russian currency in the near future. The picture for the ruble remains moderately negative. Therefore, a local correction of the USD/RUB is best use for regular careful shopping dollars,” he added.

There is a feeling that the mark of 36 dollars per barrel of Brent will not stand, and the oil will still be cheaper, says Alexey Mikheyev from the Bank “VTB 24”.

“Ahead of Christmas, the market will be thin, in this market you can easily go and to 35.5 per dollar, but we do not expect more. Short term movements in oil prices are dominated by speculative factors, rather than real correlation of supply and demand. So current oil prices favourable to enter the market with medium-term goals,” said Mikheev.