“Kaspersky’s laboratory” has warned of a new form of fraud

“Kaspersky’s laboratory” has warned of a new form of fraud

Spillage on a special page the user is informed that he was the lucky winner of a cash prize from the Bank, but to get your winnings need to enter credit card information.

MOSCOW, 22 Dec. Fraud on the Internet is gaining momentum: the criminals are often deceived clients of Russian banks by offering to transfer a monetary amount on a Bank card, said the “Kaspersky Lab”.

“Experts “Kaspersky Lab” in my practice, often encounter some form of fraud where criminals offer users to transfer a monetary amount on a Bank card. For example, in the last few months analysts found on the Internet over a thousand pages, which used the same fraudulent scheme with the use of logos and names of known Russian banks”, — stated in a press release.

The essence of deception is simple: when you hit on a special web page the user is informed that several popular banks have launched a promotion for its loyal clients, and he is a visitor of this page – was the lucky winner of a cash prize. In order to claim your winnings, the user needs on the same page to specify their credit card number and expiration date. Further, in order to “identify the owner”, which is the same amount of balance and, of course, the three-digit code of the authentication card specified on the reverse side, stated in a press release.

Anticipating possible user confusion, why do we need any additional information except the card number, the scammers at all stages of data collection reported that everything is done for reasons of security of the transaction. But when you are finished entering all the requested information, the user instead of money receives a message that his card credited for the win, but he can try to enter the data of another card. Of course, it doesn’t help gullible person to receive the prize, but scammers, on the contrary, will gain another opportunity to steal other people’s money, experts warn “the Lab”.

“Criminals always appeal to what interests and excites people in the first place. And when it comes to money, very few will bypass a tempting offer by a party,” says senior content analyst “Kaspersky Lab” Nadezhda Demidova, words which are contained in the release.

“In addition, many people still do not know what can be the transfer of Bank card data to third parties. We highly recommend users to enter credit card information only to known and trusted resources in the presence of a secure Internet HTTPS connection,” — emphasizes the expert.